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    Benedict Cumberbatch prom-proposal video


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    Benedict Cumberbatch prom-proposal video

    Post by victoriaeverbloom101 on Tue Oct 28, 2014 6:10 pm

    Hello everyone,
    Ok, I already know that this isn't an introduce post and all that jazz but my friend Bella needs everyones help. My friend Bella is asking the charming Benedict Cumberbatch to her senior prom. She already knows that he's probably not gonna go since he's super busy but she wants to see if she could get a response from him via video response before May 9th, 2015 (AKA the night of her prom). She made a prom proposal video on youtube and she wants to get it as viral as it can go and wants Benedict to see it and wants proof he actually saw the video. So, if you guys can help her by watching and sharing this video it would be highly appreciated! thank you fellow sherlockians! The link is below Very Happy

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