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    Chatpartner missing


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    Chatpartner missing Empty Chatpartner missing

    Post by Player on Sun May 17, 2015 5:20 am


    im searching for someone who would like to text with me via skype.
    if you can play/write sherlock we fit perfectly.
    if you´re not a gramar-nazi thats even better, because  as a not a nativ speaker, my gramar can be a bit shitty and messed up sometimes.
    for the storyline, i don´t have a propper idea, what´s not mean i never got propper ideas, i just want to be flexible - not to a point where werewolfs or shemales come in ( nothing against shemales or werewolfs, so don´t feel offended if you are one) but i like my play more "normal" and intense in the scense of: dramaturgie, story-telling, character-design.
    i´m open to a lot of stuff, so my only wish is to play/write the good doctor ( i think i can manage him quiet well)

    syke name is :

    by the way, nice to be here, and greetings to all authors or simple interrested people from the forum

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