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    Sherlock required for Johnlock post reichenbach RP over email


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    Sherlock required for Johnlock post reichenbach RP over email

    Post by consultantofgallifrey on Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:33 pm

    (I'm thinking this can start as text messages and then move to paragraphs)

    When Sherlock came back from the dead, John refused to talk to him. He had long since moved out of Baker Street and he wouldn't even answer his text messages. This went on for almost three months before John finally sent a message to Sherlock for the first time since before he had "died". It was the middle of the night when the message came through.

    I'm moving to Australia. JW

    (So I'm thinking that John has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and is moving to Australia to be part of an experimental drug trial. He hasn't told anyone about it but Mycroft knows because he has been getting in to John's medical files to keep an eye on him)

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