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    Looking for a John for something kind of weird (but not too weird) I want to try


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    Looking for a John for something kind of weird (but not too weird) I want to try

    Post by consultantofgallifrey on Wed Apr 19, 2017 12:11 am

    I'm wanting to experiment with if Sherlock died (how and when can be decided as we go) but could still talk to John. We would start out in text form but I suppose for them it would be sort of like telepathic messages? But this can only happen between two people if there is a strong connection between them while they are still alive. Eventually Sherlock reveals to John that he's lived other lives and now that he's dead he can remember all of them and that he's going to be born again so John has to try and find him. I'm not looking for any weird paedo things or anything so when 40 year old John finds a little toddler Sherlock it isn't going to be a romantic connection or anything but they want to make sure that they can keep the connection strong throughout all their lives so that they will eventually meet when they'll be able to properly be in a relationship again because the ages will suit. I'll explain this better as we go along and Sherlock explains it to John. I'd like to do this over email and it will basically start with:
    Hello. SH

    and get kickstarted from there. So let me know if you're interested!

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