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    Somebody start a game with me? Pretty please!

    Enola Holmes
    Enola Holmes

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    Somebody start a game with me? Pretty please! Empty Somebody start a game with me? Pretty please!

    Post by Enola Holmes on Fri Jun 13, 2014 6:22 pm

    Well, I'm very new here, so I not really know, that you how play here...The point is: My character is the youngest sister of the Holmes brothers. First maybe I need my brothers, that I can start. Yes, I'll like play such like I writing a diary... Important informations: Enola about 19 old. Sherlock older with 15 year than she and Mycroft also older ,of course. Enola was 15 years old when she escaped from home. Probably, because the parents wanted to send she in residential college. Then Sherlock helped Enola, but Mycroft not supported the rebellion. They not meet each other since years. Enola's job is mysterious. Her relationship with Sherlock is better than Mycroft. She came back to London when she get the news that Sherlock get a bullet. Maybe she created the odd message of dead Moriarty?
    Note: Sorry for my english! I hope that understandable...

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