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    Looking for a John or two ((JohnLock))


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    Looking for a John or two ((JohnLock)) Empty Looking for a John or two ((JohnLock))

    Post by In-My-Mind-Palace on Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:46 am

    Hello there, all.

    As much as I have been enjoying the RPs that I currently have on this site (Many thanks to my wonderful partners, you know who you are) I am hoping to find a few more. I have an idea or rather, a series of small ideas floating about in my head. I’m looking for some very dark, and very emotional stuff. I like controversial topics; suicide being one that I enjoy exploring (Please understand that I do NOT condone suicide in the slightest, it just happens to be a very large part of my life – reluctant thanks going to my mother for that. Regardless, there are a couple of things that I would like to explore.

    I would like to do something taking place after The Fall, in which, Either Sherlock jumps, and the plan doesn’t go necessarily according to plan, and Sherlock ends up in a coma for two years instead of being able to pretend being dead. Of course, I see John knowing this, and visiting him in the hospital every day, and not being there when Sherlock finally comes to. How this would play out, I’m not entirely sure. I do foresee Sherlock having some kind of physical disability, perhaps partially paralyzed in some way, or something of that nature. I also see John perhaps taking up drinking, or even getting into Sherlock’s stash of hardcore drugs.

    Another option that I see is Sherlock jumping, and after hitting the ground, he turns his head to see John rushing to him – but getting shot in the shoulder on the way there. For this, I do see both of them assuming that each other is dead. Neither returns to Baker Street right away, both ending up in the hospital. I do see them perhaps meeting each other back in the hospital, or after they are released, with them both going back to Baker Street only to realize that the other is alive.

    Another thing that I am wanting to explore is the idea of Sherlock being transsexual. This is not me wanting to turn Sherlock and John into a straight couple (I know that some people do like doing that, and that’s fine,) But I like the idea of keeping it as a gay couple. I intend to have Sherlock be born as a woman, and having transitioned into a male – I’d like to see him being very uncomfortable with his genitalia, explaining why he hasn’t become involved in sexual relationships. So my prompt linking to this idea is to have Sherlock on a case, in which he ends up giving away his virginity to a man for the sake of the case. And becoming pregnant from said encounter. He’d hide it from John, and John would pick up on Sherlock acting differently, eventually, Sherlock explaining what happened, and of course, John probably being peeved that Sherlock would give his virginity away for the sake of a silly case, and even becoming pregnant from it. I do see Sherlock wanting to abort the child, but John convincing him to carry and deliver it, and telling Sherlock that he wouldn’t have to take responsibility for the child and that John would. But I see during the course of Sherlock’s pregnancy that the two of them of course they have feelings for each other, and eventually deciding to raise the child together.

    Any takers? These are just ideas, we can always discuss details.

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    Post by Redbeard on Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:32 pm

    I'm very intrigued by all of your plots, however, the first one tugs at me the most. Needless to say, I'm interested in discussing more!

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    Looking for a John or two ((JohnLock)) Empty Re: Looking for a John or two ((JohnLock))

    Post by tender-mind on Thu Aug 14, 2014 7:44 am


    I'm actually very intrigued with the last plot (as I myself have had minor gender issues) and would love to try it out with you, if you'd like.
    I do have a question though: since you said that Sherlock would be an ftm, I'm guessing that he would've transitioned, so as to look as he does (ergo, very male) - but then if he'd done hormone replacement therapy I don't think he'd still be able to get pregnant. Naturally I'm not 100% informed on this so I could be wrong but I did wonder. Of course, it could just be a technicality that is unimportant to the actual plot, so it might not really matter.
    Anyway, if you'd like to try working on this together, do message me Smile

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    Looking for a John or two ((JohnLock)) Empty Re: Looking for a John or two ((JohnLock))

    Post by Ideduce on Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:42 pm

    Wouldn't mind trying the second plot!

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    Looking for a John or two ((JohnLock)) Empty Re: Looking for a John or two ((JohnLock))

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