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    Sherlock needed for Sherlock OC


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    Sherlock needed for Sherlock OC Empty Sherlock needed for Sherlock OC

    Post by meggiexx15 on Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:13 am

    Meghan walked up the stairs to 221B Baker Street, she had knocked and the landlady Mrs Hudson had let her in, she had always liked Mrs Hudson from the first day she had met her. See Meghan worked in Scotland Yard with Lastrade, she was another DS on his team, So she knew all about the famous Sherlock Holmes. She has worked with him o a couple of cases and become very close friends with Dr John Watson, a friendship that only grew stronger when the famous detective has faked his own death, John had even met his now wife Mary Morstan through Meghan. She was even one of the bride’s maids at the Watson Morstan wedding. And that’s where her problems started. Meghan was very happy for the couple but the more weddings she went to; the more she felt alone having given up having a good relationship with a man because no one seemed to be able to handle her job, especially since Sherlock had butted in on one to many dates for a case. Ahh Sherlock her big problem now, see at the wedding reception because of her feeling alone and broody she had had one to many drinks, at it so happened that a certain detective had also drunk a lot. And that resulted in him ending up in her bed, which lead to an awkward wakeup call which had lead her here, standing in the doorway of Sherlock flat, two months later, to tell him he was going to be a father. (Sherlock/OC)

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