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    Moriarty/OC ~ Roleplay


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    Moriarty/OC ~ Roleplay Empty Moriarty/OC ~ Roleplay

    Post by MillieSchott on Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:13 am

    Anybody up for a Moriarty RP with my OC on kik?

    ● I can do romance, action/thriller, mystery, or all three at once.
    ● We can form a plot or story ideas on kik. I would also perfer to RP on kik.
    ● Additional characters are welcome. Please let me know if you want to RP, below this message.
    ● I know, and understand that sometimes people can't reply quickly, but if you take like a year to reply then please don't bother roleplaying with me.
    ● If you get tired of the RP just let me know and we can change the story, or you can leave the RP anytime you'd like.

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