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    Parentlock RP Idea


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    Parentlock RP Idea Empty Parentlock RP Idea

    Post by HaruSpring88 on Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:00 am

    So I have a role play I'd really like to do and go in detail with. This is the prompt itself:

    He put his face in his hands. This wasn’t fair. He had done everything right, been off drugs, gotten a nursery prepared, had a proper babysitter for the now rare occasions he took a case. For the now second time in Sherlock’s life he was crying. The first was just a few weeks ago when his son was born and now he was being taken from him. He heard a familiar set of footsteps in the doorway. “I want my son back.”

    I'd really like this where the child is Molly's. Sherlock and her aren't together but Molly is now with Mycroft. Sherlock has a growing relationship with Lestrade and fights to get custody of his son.
    I don't mind doing a mixture of paragraphs and texts, but I don't like doing text messages only, it's easy to run out of plot that way.

    I also prefer using kik, email, or chatzy, since its easier to access on my phone, but I'm not opposed to doing it on here it may just take a bit longer for a reply.


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    Parentlock RP Idea Empty Re: Parentlock RP Idea

    Post by consultantofgallifrey on Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:50 pm

    Hi! I'd be interested in doing this over email. Shoot me an email at

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