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    Bored. -SH I could do something about that... -JW


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    Bored. -SH I could do something about that... -JW

    Post by TheDetective on Thu May 31, 2012 7:46 am

    You: Bored. -SH

    Stranger: I could do something about that... -JW

    You: Realy? What did you have in mind? -SH

    Stranger: Think, idiot... -JW

    You: I was attempting to be delicate John. -SH

    Stranger: So you wanted me to say it? -JW

    You: Where are you? -SH

    Stranger: Almost home. -JW

    You: Yes of course I want you to say it. -SH

    You: That's the point of being delicate. -SH

    Stranger: Should I fuck you detective? -JW

    You: And hurry up. -SH

    Stranger: What do you think I'm doing? -JW

    You: Yes, Dr. Watson I believe you should. -SH

    Stranger: Sounds like a deal. -JW

    You: Deal implies some kind of exchange. What do you expect of me? -SH

    Stranger: We'll see. And hearing you beg for me is really more than enough... -JW

    You: I've never begged for anything in my life John. What makes you think you can make me? -SH

    Stranger: What do you think you are doing? -JW

    Stranger: Oh... I think I forgot something at work... -JW

    You: I'm asking politely. And that's not going to work. -SH

    Stranger: Fine then /I'll/ go to work. -JW

    You: It's going to be a bit /hard/ to go back to work now don't you think? -SH

    Stranger: Haha. Says who? -JW

    You: Me, obviously. I know what this does to you /Doctor/ You're straining in your trousers as we speak. -SH

    Stranger: Fine, so even if. I can solve my own problems, I don't need your help. -JW

    You: In a public tube station? I should think not. Those stalls are very uncomfortable. You remember last week...-SH

    Stranger: I can come home first. -JW

    You: Oh look I found the lime flavored lube...-SH

    Stranger: You think I'm that weak? -JW

    You: Oh I know it, John. You seem to be a bit unsteady there Doctor do watch your step. -SH

    You: Mycroft isn't the only one with CCTV access. -SH

    Stranger: So you're spying on me? -JW

    You: Spying is such a harsh word. And, don't pretend you don't like it. -SH

    You: Oh look, your blushing. How quaint. -SH

    Stranger: It's still spying... -JW

    You: Yes, and your still enjoying it. -SH

    Stranger: Idiot. -JW

    Stranger: John frowned at the camera.

    You: Don't be that way. Would you like to know what I'm doing? -Sh

    Stranger: I can imagine. -JW

    You: I'm sure you can. -SH

    You: Your blushing again. -SH

    Stranger: I know you pretty well too, you know. -JW

    You: Just in case you didn't notice. -SH

    You: If you know me so well then what /am/ I doing Doctor? -SH

    Stranger: I think I might just go to that tube loo... And let you watch. -JW

    You: I doubt there're any cameras in the loo. -SH

    You: You're not thinking clearly...Something must be redirecting your blood flow. -SH

    You: Might want to get some help with that. -SH

    Stranger: You've got you hand on your arse, gripping it, hard, imagining it was me. You don't want to jerk off though, you're still hoping I'll help with that. More detail, detective? -JW

    Stranger: I can handle my problems myself. -JW

    Stranger: Who says I wanted to be seen? That's exactly what you'd want. -JW

    You: But you'd rather not. And if you don't add more detail I can't tell if it was a lucky guess. Or true deduction. -SH

    You: Wouldn't want inaccuracies now would we? -SH

    Stranger: So I was right. -JW

    Stranger: Of course not. -JW

    You: Any one could guess that much even...well saying his name would ruin the mood. -SH

    Stranger: God... Idiot. -JW

    You: And here I thought my name was Sherlock. -SH

    You: Appreciate the compliment. -SH

    Stranger: When you aren't texting -which isn't often enough from your point of view- you are rubbing your thumb on your nipples immitating as best you can my love to lick them, that you love at least as much. -JW

    Stranger: You arse. -JW

    You: Very good. -SH

    You: And? -SH

    Stranger: Thank you. -JW

    Stranger: And every so often, when you are really getting exited you suck on your fingers, preparing. -JW

    You: Your deductions are getting better but you've missed a few key points. -SH

    Stranger: Really... -JW

    You: For one I'm a very impatient man and seeing as you're stop away judging by your GPS. I have one hand wrapped loosely around myself. Squeezing occasionally but not to hard. -SH

    You: Don't want to get over excited. -SH

    Stranger: I wouldn't if I were you you... -JW

    You: I'm aching John I can't help it. -SH

    Stranger: Good... -JW

    You: You were right about the fingers but I'm not preparing. I'm imagining your cock. -SH

    You: It's why I got the lime flavored lube. Really John, that was an easy one. -SH

    Stranger: You just can't admit defeat. -JW

    You: Why on earth would I? And you're getting off topic. -SH

    You: My god, John. How can you even walk with that thing? -SH

    You: You're cute when you blush. -SH

    Stranger: Why? Because I told you exactly what you were doing and because you are aching for me. -JW

    Stranger: How can I walk? Very, very slowly. -JW

    You: Not exactly, there were some points. -SH

    Stranger: Shut up. -JW

    You: You better calm down or you'll be no use to me. -SH

    Stranger: That's what I've been telling you. -JW

    You: Just catch a cab for god's sake. You're only a few blocks away. -SH

    You: And I like to watch you squirm. -SH

    Stranger: No. -JW

    Stranger: Then watch. -JW

    You: You know if you come in your pants you'll have to be punished. -SH

    Stranger: I'd like to see you try. -JW

    You: You don't have to be hard for me to bugger you against the window. -SH

    Stranger: That's punishment? -JW

    You: John, you'd be facing out. -SH

    You: A tad embarrassing don't you think? What if Sarah were to get here early for your date tonight? -SH

    Stranger: You really think I have a date with Sarah? -JW

    You: I know you do. You wore the shoes. -SH

    You: And you're not the most open of people. -SH

    You: Well when I say open...-SH

    You: I could be. -SH

    Stranger: Shut up! -JW

    Stranger: You're deduction skills are getting sloppy... -JW

    You: Having a bit of trouble with the keys? -SH

    You: My that's a nice view. -SH

    Stranger: Enjoying it? -JW

    You: I would be more in person. -SH

    You: Be careful Mrs. Hudson's rather chatty tonight. -SH

    You: I suppose I should've warned you earlier. -SH

    You: Oh well. -SH

    Stranger: Well you're not going to get that. -JW

    You: But John, I've already prepared my cock for you. -SH

    Stranger: Too bad... -JW

    You: I'm naked and waiting on the sofa. -SH

    You: "The doors open John I can hear you messing with your keys out there." Sherlock smirked as he sprawled himself out on the couch.

    Stranger: "Hi. Bye." He walked into his room.

    I edited it for spelling crap and took out all of the OOC. They had to go so luckily I didn't just get signed off on again. I like to imagine Sherlock persuaded John to let him help. Against the window. Facing out. And then Sherlock realized the date wasn't with Sarah it was with him. Seemed to be heading in that direction.

    Sidenote: Smuttiest thing I've ever written and I doubt it could even be called smutty. It was a lot of fun though.
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    Re: Bored. -SH I could do something about that... -JW

    Post by J Watson@221B on Thu May 31, 2012 11:43 am

    O.o. cool....... Again! :3

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    Hobbies : Cases, my flatmate, and occasionally shooting the walls.

    Re: Bored. -SH I could do something about that... -JW

    Post by TheDetective on Thu May 31, 2012 11:44 am

    Thanks! Again. Very Happy

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    Re: Bored. -SH I could do something about that... -JW

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